Vista and Seaside MSC Cruises is preparing the ships of the future

MSC Cruises plays a leading role in this extraordinary progress and we share it every day with thousands of travellers in every corner of the world. The four new flagships are expected in the near future as part of the Vista and Seaside projects. These ships are the expression of the deep love for the sea that inspires our company. The two Vista ships are perfect for cruising all year round while the two Seaside ships are designed for holidays in complete contact with sun, sea and nature.

With four new flagships and the recruitment of thousands of new employees, MSC Cruises has launched a serious investment plan setting us on course for unmistakable development. The new ships will be, as always, masterpieces of high technology and sophisticated design.
Fast: optimising time at stopovers; eco-friendly: navigation that respects the environment in all natural paradises; safe: guaranteeing total relaxation; elegant and comfortable: so that everyone can enjoy luxury at their fingertips, the joys of fine cuisine, shopping, the most advanced wellness and beauty treatments and fun.
The future of humanity and Planet Earth hangs in a delicate balance between knowledge and innovation, development and sustainability, beauty and solidarity. MSC Cruises is the Official Cruise Carrier of the Milan EXPO 2015, an important international event that celebrates the progress of science and technology for our future world in an eco-sustainable framework.

During the EXPO, from 1 May to 31 October, visitors can enjoy a preview of the new MSC Cruises ships at the fleet’s multimedia stand. The future for MSC Cruises has already begun. MSC Cruises is organising special excursions to the EXPO 2015 for travellers who dock at La Spezia. Information and details at and in travel agencies.